Ten years down the road Tony is at a Science convention where he comes face to face with a young mechanical engineer. The young man says. “I’m Harley Keener. I don’t suppose you remember me, but we shared an adventure 10 years ago in Tennessee. You changed my life. I hope you don’t mind but ever since that night I have thought of you as the closest thing I ever had to a father.” 

Tony grins. “You’re trying to guilt trip me.”

The young man smiles. “It was worth a try.”

They laugh, and Tony buys Harley a beer and asks him about his work and later Tony quietly makes sure that Harley’s project gets the funding it needs. The same way he made sure that Harley got into a good college and had the right scholarships. Because Harley saved him when he had no one(and maybe, just maybe because if only for that one night Harley was the closest Tony ever came to having a son.)



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oh my god i’m fucking sick of this generation’s mentality that your sadness is beautiful and somebody will fix you and all this fucking john green shit nobody will find you in a bookstore reading bukowski and want to lie with you and nobody will kiss your scars and you will not be like effie and freddie you’ve got to be your own fucking hero and surround yourself with positivity

I believe in both. I think there can be beauty and abstract strength in wanting to be needed, wanting to be fixed. We are all broken and sometimes the world will remind us of that and it’s nice to know that there is someone there who will help me through that. There is beauty in suffering. But there is also stupidity in suffering. It is the idle kind of suffering where expectations are unrealistic and there is only waiting. There is no productivity. Sadness and productivity have created great, wonderful things. Literature in Edgar Allen Poe and Sylvia Plath. Positivity must be in the balance here, too. Because you will not survive your sadness if you do not realize, some days, how brilliantly the sun shines for you or how some people want to remember what your smile looks like.

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